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Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing has become a staple in today’s business world. With thousands of new online media tools readily available for use, marketers have breached a new way to acquire and retain customers. All of the top brands are using Integrated Marketing Communication to interact with customers through their own websites and through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr etc. Integrated Marketing Communication allows the company to have a two-way interaction, gain insight, develop business, and most of all increase a return of investment to increase sales. The trick is to provide new ideas that will create a “buzz” and attract people to your website or online media account. Once people are on your webpage it enables them to visually utilize your companies offerings and see what you are all about which, in turn, will drive sales. Social Media Marketing is an efficient and low-cost effective way to market your product or service.

How can a company be effective in Social Media Marketing?

A company using social media marketing must be innovative, engage users with content, be effective, and be consistent. The company should utilize the ability to reach a mass audience through effective online social media sites, blogging or customer review sites that ultimately have the potential to be seen by thousands or maybe even millions.

After reading the article, “ The Top Ten Best Social Media Marketing Campaigns of All Time” there were two successful social media marketing campaigns that I believed stood out. First, Google created a “buzz” by debuting the Google Search Stories and it’s capabilities at the halftime of the 2010 Superbowl. Google partnered with Youtube to create a social media marketing campaign where the end-user could use google to search anything to develop a story. After creating an account, the end-user could upload their search story for others to view and comment. This provided users to search anything by using Google and also encouraged users to create an account to upload video through Youtube. Clever and effective for multiple online media websites. The second successful campaign was an excellent way to invite customers to visit the Starbucks website and create ideas for future business development. The campaign labeled “My Starbucks Idea” created brand awareness and engagement by allowing people to log in and pitch ideas for Starbucks. They listed these ideas under categories such as product ideas, experience ideas, and involvement ideas. People then could vote on the ideas and the companies would then decided whether or not to implement them. This is an excellent example of customer relationship management where the company is listening to their loyal customers to make a better product or service.

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