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Social Media Buzz: B2B Marketers Increase Spend, Online Retail Brands Prefer Facebook

CIG-The-Buzz Marketing Stats and Data

Highlighted below are some of the latest Digital Marketing emerging trends, articles, research and news we found share-worthy.

B2B Marketers to Increase Spend on Content in 2014B2B Marketers to Increase Spend on Content  

Three-quarters of B2Bs intend to up spending on content, ramping up investments in tactics such as email marketing, social media, and online video. Read more

Facebook News Feed FYI: Sharing Links in Status Updates Gets More Engagement

Facebook pushed out a change to its Newsfeed today: It will promote updates that include links posted by Pages over posts from the same accounts without links. Read more

Pinterest ‘Rich Pins’ Bring Riches to Retailers
Rich pins are Pinterest pins that are enhanced with metadata, allowing publishers, brands, and retailers to add extra information to images that people pin. Read more

How Denny’s Weirdness Wins the Social Media Game
Instead of sticking to traditional scripts of promotions and deals, Denny’s social media posts are more like that of a teenager. Read more

Sears Sees Redemption Rates Increase with Personalized Mobile Offers
A recent Sears SMS blast offered Shop Your Way members $15 off of a $100 purchase, reflecting how the retailer is using personalized mobile offers and driving redemptions rates up. Read more

Do Consumers Shop Directly on Social Media Platforms
Now, as social media networks continue to expand on in-platform shopping tools, it’s clear that social media eCommerce is gaining steam. Read more

Images Drive Brand Engagement On Twitter
Tweets that include links to photos, along with image preview images that appear in a user’s Twitter feed, draw 150% more engagement. Read more


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Mary Shaw