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Social CRM a New Approach to CRM

The concept of the social CRM has arrived to say the least. Almost every brand, emerging or established is now on Facebook fishing for ‘likes’. More personal than the mobile phone today, social media encompasses markets across hemispheres and is therefore one of the most effective tools for CRM today. Regardless of the giant leaps in social CRM and social media marketing and PR, the atypical customer still has a short attention span when it comes to social media. This makes social CRM a rather delicate and tricky matter on social media.

Ads on Social Media

Facebook has begun to categorize ads so the user knows which one is a sponsored ad. Companies advertising on the popular social medium should be extra careful while choosing the image and designing the caption as it needs to make an instant impression and grab attention. A photo of a woman in lingerie cannot sell everything though it is sure to get clicks. Google ads are gradually moving towards becoming annoying rather than interesting. However the massive reach of these ads can be a great tool to make your brand visible.

Efficient choice?

One of the biggest advantages of the CRM through social media is that the platform is relatively cheap and sometimes even free of cost. While some experts may feel that it is the ultimate way to gauge free public opinion, there is however a tendency of the Facebook users to support or oppose a cause or a brand without personal experience with the same. This tendency makes social CRM a rather complicated concept where authenticity of the opinions may often be a question.

Target audience

One definite advantage of a social CRM is that firms can target its customers in a far more narrowed down and segmented manner. This is not possible in any other form of CRM as none of them are as interactive. One can expect feedback in seconds and therefore it is a tremendous tool for emerging players to design and modify their products and services accordingly. In terms of decision making the CRM solutions can provide not only specific data but also allow a great deal of insight into the public sentiments towards the product or service.