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Six Success Factors for Small Ecommerce Business

I read an article that discusses how a small business can be successful using e-commerce. This article discussed a business that is completely online. It gave 6 different factors that one must follow to be successful. 1) Product line: your business must have a niche product for it to be successful. If you are a small business, then you will never get any customers without being unique. 2) Mindset: Don’t go into your business trying to compete with the big companies in your industry. Focus on building relationships that a larger company could not do. 3) Abilities: You do not need to know everything about the Internet to start an online business. There are plenty on models online that you can follow. 4) Web Presentation: be obsessed with your website. It should be updated regularly. 5) Build Relationships: use social media and other forms of two-way communication to connect with your customers. 6) Use of new Technology: you do not have to be a technological genius, but you do need to keep up with the times.