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Shifts in Email Marketing?

Are emails as relevant as they once were before the rise of social media and smartphones? How can emails compete with newer, more innovative forms of media? Are younger people less likely to read emails regularly? These are all questions that marketers may be concerned about as new digital devices and services are changing online behavior.

Email continues to rank as the tactic with the highest return and is one of the best ways for communicating with customers. But email has always suffered from the average, deliverability is dropping, list growth is slowing, and it gained the claim that “email is dead”. Though some feel that email simply doesn’t work, for some, it works better than anything else. At the same time, businesses must acknowledge that consumer online behaviors are changing in a profound way and on a massive scale. Social media and mobile Internet have become friendly and convenient tactics, which means email strategies must re-invent and improve for a greater experience.

With that being said, Econsultancy Digital Marketers United and the Email Experience Council of the Direct Marketing Association partnered up to conduct a report that involves over 450 North American email marketing experts, features 45 charts and 42 pages of research covering a broad range of topics broken down by target markets. The full survey explores the challenges, opportunities, and changes in email marketing. Some of the specific topics are:

  • Integrating email and social media
  • Email use trends
  • Spending trends and budget distribution
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Automation
  • Benchmarking KPIs

This news is noteworthy because shifts in online behavior will alter how consumers are using their email. Therefore, marketers must adjust and enhance their email marketing strategies in order to respond to these shifts. This new challenge means new opportunities! In addition, these findings are an asset for marketers of any level, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Visit the link below to read a brief preview of the survey report. The link does not provide the full study, but it lists the table of contents, table of figures, and a sample PDF download of the report.