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Seven Online Marketing Trends for 2009

[ClickZ, 1/12/09]

Barack Obama changed the political rulebook: his 2008 presidential campaign leveraged the Internet’s strength to engage disenchanted voters and register new voters. Future political campaigns won’t be able to utilize these strategies with the same impact since they won’t be as novel and the identified constituencies will now be an established part of the electoral process.

Going forward, online marketers will face challenges similar to those of their political counterparts. The online market’s accelerated maturation due to recent economic turmoil means that growth will no longer come as easily. Growth now will have to come at the expense of other channels or competitors, rather than from new users.

When I tread this article, I thought of it as a checklist of best practices to weather the downturn and maximize ROI. The article outlines three major online marketing goals for 2009 and the related metrics. In addition, it outlines seven ways that top-performing organizations are leveraging existing assets to achieve short-term business objectives.
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