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Sallie Burnett Shares Keys to Social Media Success

Sallie Burnett is no stranger to the intricate dynamics that turn a customer into a fan, and a fan into a loyal advocate. “It’s time to start leveraging social media to turn users into customers,” explains Burnett. “Social media is a constantly evolving channel that can make a significant difference in driving results for businesses of all sizes.”

Sallie Burnett, President of Customer Insight Group, a leading strategic marketing consulting firm renowned for its ability to help companies engage, keep and grow profitable customer relationships, recently enlightened an audience of Denver-area business owners and marketing professionals on what marketers must know to maximize results of social media. She shared how successful companies are using social media to build relationships with customers and showed how social media initiatives can help set brands apart from the competition. In addition, attendees learned how to define their social media strategy and create a plan for communicating and engaging with customers. If you missed Sallie’s presentation in person, you can now see it here for yourself:

For more information about how Sallie Burnett and her team of social mediaexperts can help you integrate social media into your marketing strategy, or to invite Sallie to present at your next professional event, contact Customer Insight Group at

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