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Report: Social Media Content Sharing Trends

52% of social sharing actions occurred on a mobile device during the first quarter of this year, reveals ShareThis in a new report. Mobile took the lead on the back of a quarter-over-quarter growth rate in sharing that was more than twice as high as desktop’s (28% vs. 11%).Social Media Content Sharing Trends

While the iPhone (25%) remained the top mobile device used for sharing, Android smartphones (17%) narrowed the gap. Meanwhile, the report also notes some trends in the social channels used for sharing:

  • Twitter (+43%) saw the fastest growth rate in Q1 sharing, with most activity by 31-35-year-olds
  • Sharing to Reddit (+25%) also grew quickly, with the heaviest activity in the 18-30 age group
  • Sharing to Facebook (+14%) and Linkedin Infographic (+12%) was led by older users (50+ and 41-50, respectively)
  • After rapid growth, last year, sharing to Pinterest increased by only 5% in Q1
  • Email continued to decline as a social sharing channel (-25%), while content sharing growth was higher for Hispanics than for blacks and whites across Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest.

The top sharing channels, in order of overall shares, were:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit

The quarterly Consumer Sharing Trends Report analyzes consumer sharing behavior from Q1 2014 across nearly every social channel on a desktop and mobile devices. The large-scale social data offers valuable insight into what, where and how consumers share online, which is not only a true indicator of interest and purchase intent but also a powerful way for publishers and advertisers to drive content and brand engagement.

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Mary Shaw