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Reebok Released an App to Launch Buzz and Boost SEO

Reebok Releases Promise Keeper App

Image Source: WaveMetrix

Recently, Reebok released an App called the Promise Keeper. This app works on both Android and Apple systems. Users log in the app with Facebook accounts and share their training schedules on FB. The app updates users’ training plan and whether they put it into practice, as well. The marketers can benefit from this app in:

  • Launching discussion on Reebok brand and also its Zigtech Trainers.
  • Boosting SEO via social medias.
  • Learning what customers think about the brand and the product from their discussions.
  • Peer Pressure shortens the product cycle, thus enhance the consumption of products.

Why is this news worthy?

  • First training App to integrate real-time training, social medias and the brand.
  • Take advantage of socials to make every the brand more searchable.
  • Launch virus marketing.
  • Help brand positioning.

WaveMetrix researched on users of the Promise Keeper and found that 46% of them think Reebok as a “fun ” brand and 28% think it as an “exercise partner ” brand.

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