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QR Code vs. SnapTag

It is hard to say what the future has in store in the field of mobile marketing, but a new comer in the game is shaking things up and going head to head with the current king of mobile marketing, QR Codes.

If you aren’t familiar with QR codes they are a two-dimensional code used to store data that can be quickly and easily accessed with a QR reader. Originally the code was developed in Japan and was widely used to track materials in the manufacturing process. It has since been utilized for more commercial purposes and is widely used in advertising today to link consumers to URLs. The QR code is scanned with a smart phone equipped with a QR reader and instantly sends the viewer to a URL to discover more about the product in the ad.

Sounds like a great idea, right? Well the makers of SnapTag, Denver-based SypderLynk, think they have created something much better. SnapTag is also a two dimensional code used to store data, but instead of just being able to serve up a URL when scanned it can also serve up videos, PDFs, ringtones, contest entries, and even Facebook “Like” buttons.

Another great feature of the SnapTag is that you don’t need a smart phone or a special SnapTag reader to use it. To use a SnapTag you simply have to snap a picture of it and send it in a text message or email. This gives brands a much wider reach since 88% of adults in the US own a camera phone compared to only 10% of US adults who own a smart phone equipped with a QR reader.

The infograph below gives you a side by comparison of SnapTag versus the QR Code.



How can this new technology improve mobile marketing?

SnapTag captures usage information, and knows the level of interaction the user has with the brand. This allows marketers to better measure the effectiveness of an initiative, but perhaps the most exciting capability of this technology is how it can change loyalty programs. For example, when the customer scans a SnapTag at the register you can access previous interactions they had with the brand. You know if they checked into Foursquare, and offer them bonus points for posting on Facebook or tweeting about their loyalty. It is a great method for not only rewarding them for their loyalty, but also giving them an instant access to sharing their experience through social networks.