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Product Detail Page Personalization

When an online shopper gathers information on a specific product, and begins deliberating a purchase, that online shopper will ultimately move from being just a shopper to a customer. However, if that customer does not feel comfortable with that particular product, how as an online retailer can you keep that customer from leaving your website and purchasing from a competitor?

The answer is as online retailer you should introduce relevant products with behavioral targeting that will match the true needs of each customer. Therefore, by understanding why each customer is shopping in your site, your website can create a one-to-one message that makes the experience more enjoyable.

According to John Deines, there are three product detail page personalization strategies

  • Strategy 1: Single, Personalized Cross Sell Application
  • Strategy 2: Multiple Scenarios
  • Strategy 3: Interactive Product Recommendations

Strategy #1: Single, Personalized Cross Sell Application

As a shopper begins making clicks on a website, the recommendation engine develops a profile based on a number of different data collection points.( example).

Strategy #2: Multiple Scenarios

Developing a strong personalization strategy comes from understanding the true needs of an online shopper. For fashion, it is important to understand that shopper’s size and fit and only recommend products that match each shopper needs.( example).

Strategy #3: Interactive Product Recommendations

Shoppers want their voice to be heard. So, providing shoppers with an opportunity to give feedback on an product recommendations makes the experience more engaging.