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Pinterest Top Social Media Choice to Engage Retailers

Social media is gaining traction among consumers at an alarming rate, according to the 2012 Social and Mobile Commerce Study. Pinterest is foremost among consumers’ choices of social media outlets to engage with merchants.

Consumers are using Pinterest more than Facebook and Twitter to engage with retailers, online consumers in the U.S. are following:
  • An average of 9.3 retail companies on Pinterest
  • An average 6.9 retailers they follow on Facebook
  • And 8.5 retailers via Twitter
Nearly two out of five (38%) online consumers follow retailers through one or more social networking sites. Merchants who have customized their social and mobile strategies have found social commerce success, the study shows. The study found that company blogs, YouTube and Facebook account for the majority of consumers’ social activity. For example, 70% of consumers who follow a retailer’s blog click through to the website, and 68% use YouTube to browse and research a retail company.
Pinterest Top Social Media Choice to Engage Retailers
Pinterest has given retailers another channel to listen to and interact with both existing and new customers, telling an ongoing visual story through images of their products and their brand spirit, a story that customers can then tell again to their friends and family members.

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Mary Shaw