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P&G Finds Orange Ads Work Better on Facebook

[AdAge, 2/27/12]

Digital is consuming more of Procter & Gamble’s media budget and has become so important that the world’s biggest advertiser is fundamentally changing how it creates those ads and applying what it learns to other parts of the marketing mix.

P&G’s optimization approach for digital is not unlike the continuous improvement processes long used on factory floors, and some of its brands, including Pantene, are using continuous data on consumers’ response to digital ads to tweak media buys and inform creative elements.

The brand makes discoveries that inform future creative. Those have included that white backgrounds don’t work well on Yahoo, orange is effective on Facebook and blondes get a better response than brunettes on some sites.

“Background color is big,” Mr. Crociata said. “It sounds pretty simple, but it can have a dramatic impact on purchase intent.”

Do you test your ads on Facebook? What is working for your brand?

Mary Shaw