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Olympics Creates Social Media Hub

If you’re a big fan of the upcoming Olympic games, then you will find the newly launched Olympic Athletes’ Hub a must-visit stop. With just under a 100 days left before the Games begin in London, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) launched its very own social network/ athletes’ headquarters designed to serve as a social media platform enhancing the connection between fans and athletes.

The Olympic Athletes’ Hub combines the social media feeds of more than 1,000 current and former Olympians. It will post content directly from their Facebook and Twitter accounts and incorporate an interactive layer that will encourage fans to interact with the site. Users will be able to access exclusive training tip videos and gain virtual and real-world prizes according to how many athletes they like and follow online.

During the Games in July and August, real-time social updates from competitors will be incorporated into the site, which will also host exclusive chat sessions with athletes. The London Games are being branded as the world’s “first social Olympics,” although some have expressed surprise at regulations restricting social media use in some cases.

IOC Social Media Head Alex Huot believes, “the social media portal should be a powerful tool for bridging the gap between athlete and fan.”

“We also want to reward fans for doing certain things,” explained Huot. Now, fans can earn rewards by following their favorite athletes and participating in the online community. Their interaction will unlock badges and win prizes while they compete for ultimate Olympic fan status.
While the games will only be around for a few weeks this summer, the social media experience will continue long after the games have ended. We recommend that you check out the hub for yourself and see how you can learn from this user-engaging experience that is sure to cement fan loyalty for many seasons to come.
jill Manser