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Old Spice Uses Social Media to Change Brand Image

Ad age has a list that is about the people changing the way we think about digital media and marketing.

Among the companies, we can see Google creative labs, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter and many Internet companies. But P&G become one of these members based on its famous “Old Spice” marketing campaign.


P & G decided to target men who aren’t caught up in their morning routine but who always like to look their best. P&G found that most of these men were using the soap products that their wives/significant others bought for themselves. However, there is an issue that men do not want to smell non-masculine because of this feminine smell soap.

In addition, Old Spice had an Old Man’s image, so majority of men used this product due to their fathers did.

Since Old Spice want to break into younger customers, they made a humorous and unique advertisement video to begin this marketing campaign.


The effect of this video was amazing. After it both released on TV and Internet, people talked about this humorous man. He went up on the mountain and down to the water. He traveled a lot and finally went back to his bathroom. This very simple story created more than 94 million views on YouTube channel and boasted more than 120,000 subscribers.

It is far away from enough. The most innovative interaction then happened. P&G even used Twitter to produce a series of 16 YouTube videos where the Old Spice Guy responded specifically to influencers. This is quite smart.

The videos not only respond to Facebook and Twitter followers, but also respond to celebrities such as Alyssa Milano and even include a famous TV show called “The Ellen Show”. So far, it expanded its influence to a large extent.



Eventually, P&G planned for a 3-5% growth for Old Spice body wash but hit 38% growth in actual. Their brand channel is #1 on YouTube. Also, they had about 3000% growth of their audience on Twitter and approximately 300% growth in traffic on

After the campaign was launched, the sales of products were up 11% in 12 months in 2010. With the increasing number of video released, the sales kept rising from 27% to 55% to 107%.

To summary, the path to success is to take advantage of Internet to communicate with audience and a consistent easy remembered advertisement to increase brand awareness.