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Nutella Finds Succes With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Work Better than TV Advertising

Nutella really knows how to spread it thick. At least when it comes to effective Facebook advertising. The company, which sells chocolate hazelnut spread, combined Facebook ads with TV spots and other paid channels in Germany this last holiday season. The result? Nutella attributes 15 percent of sales from the yuletide campaign to its Facebook ads. In terms of return on investment, Facebook ads outperformed the TV spend, according to its MMM data.

Online measurement has long been a hot topic among marketers. Over the years, brands have often determined campaign spend for individual media ingredients (e.g., TV, radio, magazine, coupons, display ads, etc.) by using a marketing mix model system – or a similar sales attribution program referred to by a different name.

Campaign Reaches 30 Percent of Online Germans

For the holidays, Ferrero, Nutella’s parent company, sought to increase awareness and sales from Dec. 1 through Dec. 24, 2011. Ferrero wouldn’t give specifics about the broadcast campaign but says the Facebook ads got the largest return on investment when compared to the other media channels.

Nutella bought Facebook’s Reach Block ads, which are designed to create a predetermined number of impressions within a demographic, and Premium Ads in the effort. Five different versions of the Facebook ads were used. The creative encouraged people to become fans/likes of the Nutella Deutschland page and to try out its “Advent Calendar” app, where they could open calendar doors in the German Christmas tradition. The social promos reached 30 percent of the online population in the country, equaling 3.8 million unique impressions, according to Gfk Group, a Germany-based online consumer panel provider.

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