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New Metrics for Facebook Ads

For marketers, Facebook’s online advertising is becoming more and more important as social network website is considered a essential part of people’s daily life. The revenues of Facebook world-wide ad is on track to $6 billion in 2012.

In order to appealing to online ads markers and helping them to justify its online effort, companies, such as ComScore, Nielsen Co, Facebook, Microsoft Corp, are introducing new rating system for Facebook Ads.

ComScore’s new tool can help companies to track view volume and interact with viewer by track certain related key words viewer said about the company.

Nielsen offered a ratings service for online marketing campaigns.

Facebook is also getting its own ratings systems.

To bring into correspondence with the traditional Advertising, Both comScore and Nielsen are using the gross rating points that is a traditional advertising metrics. This move helped marketers to talk about online advertising with same term it uses for traditional advertising.

With those new ratings tools, marketers can strive for the same funding as other types of ad campaigns and get insight of digital marketing circle.