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Movable Ink…Breathe Life Into Your Emails

Movable Ink is a company working on the cutting edge of improving the relevance and timeliness of email marketing. How you ask? Very simply, by inserting live-updating and device-specific content into emails. Every time an email is opened, Movable Ink serves live content based on the current time, the recipient’s location, and/or the social context of the subject matter. For instance, Movable Ink can build in a Countdown Timer into your emails that notify your recipients how many hours are left before a special offer expires. Or have Movable Ink add a Social Chatter widget that displays live tweets into your email based upon when the email is opened by your recipient. Or perhaps a Product Locator app is desired, which can show the retail locations selling a specific product or brand based upon entering a product, brand name, or SKU identifier. This app drops this live information directly into the emails you send to your customers.

Why is this an important topic? Because email communication can and should be, engaging! Recipients of your email should be compelled to want to open your emails. They should be excited to receive them and look forward to the next time one appears in their inbox. Utilizing Movable Ink helps make that a reality. They provide real-time relevance that leads to real-world results.