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Retailers Leveraging Mobile Technology to Drive Sales

Mobile App Programs Help Retailers Enhance Customer Experience, Boost Loyalty and Drive Sales

Armed with mobile devices, store associates and managers can meet the needs of consumers and generate more sales revenue and engaging customers. According to an EKN Mobility in Retail 2014 report, 77% of retailers believe store operations will benefit the most from mobility strategies.

“A mobile app program is a huge opportunity for retailers to revolutionize how their employees work,” said Hugh Owen, VP of Mobile Products at MocroStrategy. “Store manager and associates are now able to take advantage of information that, once locked away in databases or tethered to a desktop PC, is not within arms’ reach.”

A recently published white paper from MicroStrategy, outlines the 5 key benefits of a winning mobile app strategy and how retailers can leverage mobile technology to their advantage.

Store Managers More Efficient and Effective With Mobile Apps

With mobile devices in hand, store managers can immediately adjust their behavior in real time based on shifts in sales trends, environmental changes and other factors.


Controlling Costs

Retailers are using mobile apps to better control costs through data analytics. Apps can provide managers information about payroll, which allows them to compare sales per payroll hour to customer-facing payroll hours making it easier to manage personnel hours.


Sales Increase – Out-of-Stock Decreases

One of the best parts of mobiles app’s is the ability to provide information about inventory, helping managers make effective decisions and reduce out-of-stock situations.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Today, retails must deliver personalized content, the right products and meaningful interactions to keep customer engaged.

  • 50% of shoppers want expert advice on what to by when they enter a store.
  • 67% feel that employees could be more helpful.

Gucci leveraging mobile apps

“People really enjoy using mobile devices.” said Owen. “If retailers empower their sales managers and associates to take advantage of this prime opportunity, they can really revolutionize how their employees work and how consumers shop.”

Source: MicroStrategy

Download full white paper here.

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