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Lancôme Increases Conversions 17% with Progressive Web App

Lancôme Boosts Sales and Engagement with Progressive Web App

Lancome Web App

To increase traffic and re-engagement, Lancôme launched a Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver a fast, app-like experience on their mobile site. The beauty brand started using push notifications re-engage consumers, which has driven an 8% rise in conversion rates on recovered carts. PWA is an app-like platform that works across all devices without needing to download an app. Lancôme said its new technology gave users a better mobile experience, which led to a 15% drop in bounce rate.

The main reason for Lancôme’s move was data that showed mobile traffic eclipsing that of desktop traffic for the first time in 2016, even though the number of purchases made on smartphones didn’t match that surge. While 38% of shopping carts led to orders on desktop, for mobile it was only 15%. The company understood now that its customers browsed products just fine on a smartphone, but faced obstacles when they tried to make a purchase.

Instead of developing an app specifically to streamline mobile purchasing Lancôme opted for a PWA, a solution that uses a single version of a site that works like an app seamlessly across all devices but without the hassle of needing to download via an app store.

Now, Lancôme is taking advantage of reengagement technology like opt-in push notifications to promote discounts and product releases and encourage customers to return to the site. And it’s working…more than 18,000 shoppers have signed up for alerts since the site launched in October 2016.

Results of Progressive Web App Implementation


  • 84% decrease in time until the page is interactive
  • 17% increase in conversions
  • 15% decrease in bounce rate
  • 51% increase in mobile sessions


  • 53% increase in mobile sessions on iOS
  • 10% decrease in bounce rates on iOS


  • 8% of consumers who tap on a push notification make a purchase
  • 18% open rate from Push Notifications
  • 12% increase in conversion rates on recovered carts via Push Notifications

{Source: Google’s Developers Blog}


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