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Gillette Offers On-Demand Razors Via Text Messaging

Gillette Revamps its Subscription-Based Service for Shaving Razors

Order Razors Easily via Text Messaging

The new service, “Gillette on Demand” offers an industry-first on-demand razor purchase option. Now getting a shipment of razors is as easy as texting “BLADES” to a specific number with Gillette on Demand. The creation of this new service and its features is fueled by the understanding that accessibility, shopping experience, and value are every bit as important to men as quality and product innovation.

Extensive research with Gillette’s own shave club customers and among men broadly uncovered clear opportunities to improve the subscription-only approach: more flexible purchase options, easier ways to order, and enhanced value for Gillette’s high quality blades. A 2015 Nielsen Homescan study for example found that 41% of guys who decided to leave traditional shave clubs said they were getting more blades than they needed. That frustration is a thing of the past thanks to Gillette® On Demand ’s industry-first as-needed ordering option.

“Ordering blades has never been easier than we’re making it today,” said Mark Jeffreys, Brand Director, Gillette. “Gillette® On Demand ’s as-needed ordering capabilities and its convenient subscription options give guys smart choices, not trade-offs. This new service puts them in control without having to choose between convenience and flexibility, or between great quality and value.”

Knowing how important value is to men, the service will include a range of razor options at different price points so men can enjoy the high-quality shave they deserve at a price they’ll be pleasantly surprised by. Guys who choose to subscribe will benefit from the added value of receiving every 4th order free2 and all first-time customers will enjoy $3 off their first order.

Shave club customers also like simplicity and convenience. With Gillette® On Demand , guys have the added option to order only the blades they want, when and where they want them. With just a one-word text message (send BLADES to 252-337/BLADES1), On Demand customers will be able to trigger their next shipment – no back and forth with customer service, no entering of shipping or payment information.

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