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Mobile Marketing- Not Just SMS Spamming

Mobile marketing gives companies thee most personal route to an individual’s attention. Ranging from advertisements with the opportunity to take immediate, seamless action to simply creating an app for brand interaction; the possibilities are many and appealing.

As more and more users are searching, posting, buying, and interacting through mobile devices- any company worth it’s salt should be looking at the mobile front as viable source of business. Given the immediate email access given by smartphones; if as a marketer you are able to streamline the process of buying such that it can be accomplished all on a single device with only a few taps on a touch screen rather than through a computer at a later point in time… you will win that customers business.

If free aps are preferred by more than 50%, why would you put a price on yours? By creating an app interface, or a digital, mobile storefront through which your customers can interact with the brand you are adding a pocket full of value for them at little cost to you. Not only will an app allow for information and sales transactions, but it can also be used to create and distribute meaningful content of its own, for example a game or special mobile offers for app users.

At the end of the day, people enjoy the path of least resistance. They are on their phone nearly 24/7, why not allow them to accomplish all that you want them to on that single device. Simplify the buying process, increase value, and be ahead of your competition.