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Mobile Marketing In 2011 – Are You Ready?

The mobile marketing landscape is going to be changing quickly. it is estimated that $13 – $14 billion will be spent on mobile marketing in 2011. The majority of the money will be spent in the Asia pacific with the the USA in 2nd and then Europe. Apps will be the lifeblood of mobile advertising. People want to have free apps and one way to give them that is to have advertising show up every once in a while. The biggest service that phones will have location based services and augmented reality development matures. One big application is Foursquare which is a location based app that allows users to tell their friends via face book and twitter where they are. Another big feature that will be part of the mobile marketing revolution is that the cell phone will come to replace the ATM card. People will have the ability to use their cell phone to with draw money from their ATM machine. Mobile blogging is the next step in being a critic. Consumers will be able to evaluate a restaurant as soon as they have a good experience or a bad experience. It will force people who are in the service industry to be on their best behavior.

Editorial Staff