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Mobile Design Strategy: Home Page Tips

This article is not about how to build a mobile site, instead, it’s about how to avoid wrong areas when building your mobile site home page. The homepage design is the first step when building a mobile site. Before talking about the article, you should first understand the potential conversion goals of a mobile website’s homepage.:

1. User clicks through deeper into the mobile site (user does not bounce, clicks on navigation menu item or merchandising zone)
2. User finds customer service options easily (e.g. order status, store locators)
3. User downloads a mobile application
4. User subscribes to something (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc).

The role of the mobile homepage is not to convert a sale, but to win a click on that takes the user towards one of the above goals, and move the user toward taking action on your site.

First of all, we should know how to build a layout. Your design should reflect your mobile strategy — namely, what is the purpose of your mobile site, and how do you deliver value to your customer? For example, the Lowe’s mobile site. Though its mobile site doesn’t include a lot of contents, its main goal of sticking consumers is shown by post the big banner “Shop, Click, Pick Up, 20 minutes guaranteed.”

Second, Graphic elements: Use carefully. People think that the more graphic elements, the better. The fact is not like that. Instead, too much graphic elements leave no rooms for menus and increase the loading time of the mobile site, which is the main factor of bounce factor.

Menu organization: Most important links first, or alphabetical order? Some company like E-Bags, using the mixture of both and some other companies use searching tools for consumers. This is a way of showing customer friendly.

Menu usability: Navigation markers. The navigation markers are the little right and left cones that can be very helpful for a mobile site. It’s much faster than loading a new page.