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Mobile and Social Media To Star In Holiday Shopping

Thanksgiving is approving fast, and a new study shows stores can expect consumers to be using their mobile devices and social channels much more than last year.

Highlights from Deloitte’s annual holiday survey:

    • 68% of all smartphone owners expect to use them to shop this holiday.
    • 48% say social media will figure into their shopping plans.
    • 62% intending to use them to get store locations.
    • 58% to comparison shop.
    • 50% to get product information.

But retailers who offer these shoppers more than the bare bones of mobile commerce stand to gain: The study finds that the conversion rate for shoppers using a retailer’s dedicated mobile app is 21% higher than those who don’t, for example. As a result, Deloitte expects to see retailers working hard to woo these shoppers with apps, Wi-Fi access, and personalized location promotions. (Kohl’s, Macy’s and Target are among the stores already doing so.)

Consumers also indicate that service with a smile – and even a scanner – counts when shopping in the store. Nearly 56% of shoppers surveyed say they are more likely to purchase from a store retailer that has knowledgeable sales associates. And 38% expect store associates to have the ability to match prices.

As social media and smartphones are sure to be among retailers’ strongest allies this holiday season, how are you preparing to meet the demands of these holiday shoppers?

Mary Shaw