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Marriott Links Loyalty to Social

Marriott Rewards Loyalty Program Engages Facebook FansWant to see a best practice in action? Look no further than Marriott’s recent move to engage their Rewards loyalty program members on their Facebook page. If you are a Rewards member, you might have received an email today encouraging you to like them on Facebook. Of course, they offer plenty of reasons to do so (like a million extra reward points!). But, what these members will discover is that engaging with Marriott on Facebook now allows them to be connected to even more information about programs, rewards, and offerings. And for Marriott, they open a two-way dialogue with their best customers. This is a fantastic example of how loyalty programs and social media should be integrating for the greater customer relationship good. Want to discover how to integrate social media into your loyalty program strategy? Just ask the experts at Customer Insight Group.

jill Manser