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Marketers Value Social Media for Both Branding and Customer Acquisition

[eMarketer, 1/30/12]

As marketers include social media as part of their overall strategy, 97% agree that it provides benefits and value to their business.

A survey of more than 700 marketers worldwide shows:

  • 88% say that social media helps grow brand awareness.
  • 85% say it helps them engage with customers.
  • 58% saw an increase in sales and partnerships.
  • 41% of marketers said it helped reduce costs.

Companies such as Charles Schwab understand the benefits of engaging in dialogue with customers via social media.“It has opened up this whole public communications channel, where we can get great feedback,” said Lindsay Tiles, director of corporate public relations at Charles Schwab.

There is little doubt, social media can influence and add value to a company and these statics show that. If you need help getting executive buy-in for integrating social media into your overall mix let the experts at Customer Insight Group help you.

Mary Shaw