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Marketers Continue to Increase Online Ad Presence

According to a February 2013 survey fielded by CMO Council. The study found that whereas in previous years, online ads had served primarily direct-response purposes, this year, marketers are moving to a more even mix of brand-focused efforts alongside direct response, with 64% planning to do a mix of both.

And in fact, brand advertising will see a big increase in spending, with 63% planning to up investments vs. 51% who will put more dollars to direct response. This is also a reflection of the lesser role branding has played in digital advertising previously.

US brand marketers will increase their use of the following tactics:

The survey also asked brand marketers specifically which metrics they would like to use to measure their online ad spending: Fifty-four percent said they would prefer to use the same metrics they use for offline campaigns, alongside additional metrics particular to online.

eMarketer estimates that branding will grow its share of digital ad spending during the next few years. This year, US advertisers will spend $17.46 billion on branding, or 41.6% of total digital spend. By 2017, branding will grow to $29.33 billion, or a 48.5% share.

Will you be upping your digital branding efforts? Share your comments with us.

Mary Shaw