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L’Oreal’s Virtual Makeup App

L’Oreal Paris is releasing Makeup Genius, an app that allows you to try on 300 color cosmetics from its virtual shelves by turning your iPhone or iPad camera into a make-up mirror.
L’Oreal’s Virtual Makeup App

By using a snapshot of your face taken on your smartphone or iPad, and carefully applying your selected shadow, rouge or lipstick in all the right places by recognizing the difference between the skin on your eyes, lips and face, and with navigation from the L’Oréal Makeup Genius map which points out 64 places on the face. Plus it also works on all ethnicities, allows for 400 lighting situations, and you can tilt your face backwards and forwards as if you’re looking in a mirror.

“We believe that one of the major trends to come concerns the virtual reality experience, which will offer consumers a new and effective way of trying products, learning how to use them and personalize them, with unparalleled results for the consumer,” said Cyril Chapuy, president of L’Oréal Paris International.

The cosmetics giant will be installing their Makeup Genius app on what they’re calling digital terminals, so you can try the app before you download that too.

[Source: BizJournals]

Mary Shaw