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Location Based Advertising Important Part of Marketing Mix

Usually, the marketer could only deliver their information to bunch of audience and hope that their target could be exposed by the message. But now, the cutting edge technology could offer them an opportunity to deliver marketer-controlled information customized for recipients’ geographic positions directly to users’ mobile devices, they would believe it an great leap and include location based advertising (LBA) as an important component of their marketing mix

Theoretically, marketers could follow two ways to implement LBA: push and pull. Just like what we learned before, push means the ad would seek the way to the customers while pull means customers would find the information themselves. For the push strategy of LBA, marketers could either send messages to whom ever they would to contact (opt-out), or get customers’ permission before talk to them(opt-in).

Even the LBA is quite a powerful tool for marketers, the major problem associatied with it is Alba, also known as attitude toward location based advertising. So in this article ATTITUDE TOWARD LOCATION-BASED ADVERTISING (Gordon C. Bruner II and Anand Kumar), researchers did a survey and collected respondents’ attitudes and perceptions about themselves and analyzed the correlation between attitude and personal characters. In conclusion, this article found positive correlation between Alba and Attitude towards ad in general, technology leader, materialism, gadget lover. In other words, LBA could be more effective if technology leaders, gadget lovers were targeted. Also, this article found that Alba and permission are negatively correlated, it did not rise to the level of significance. So even some customers would highly advocate opt-in options, they would not have a strong negative emotion toward that.