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LinkedIn Is the Social Media to Beat for B2B

These recent statistics caught our eye. What do these numbers mean to you?

Among three of the leading social networking platforms, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn is the clear winner as the most effective source of leads for B2B companies, according to data from HubSpot.*

LinkedIn generated a visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.60%, on average. That’s four times higher than the average visitor-to-lead rate for Twitter (0.67%) and seven time higher than the average rate for Facebook (0.39%).

LinkedIn is also enjoying a better growth rate than Twitter or Facebook, according to research firm Compete. However, LinkedIn ranks behind Twitter and Facebook in monthly user activity. According to LinkedIn’s recent report, it has surpassed the 150-million-user mark and has credited much of its growth to the addition of “LinkedIn forums”. These forums allow businesses and professionals from all industries to communicate with other experts to solicit advice and discuss best practices.

LinkedIn attracted 28.1 million visitors in March 2012, up 7.3% from 26.2 million in February, and up to 60.7% from 17.5 million one year earlier.

[Source, eMarketer]

By contrast, Twitter saw a growth rate of 31.9% in 2012 and dropped this year to a 20.7% growth rate.

Facebook’s growth has declined from 13.4% in 2011 to 6.6% growth in 2012, likely due to the massive saturation of Facebook and the proliferation of new networks popping up.

How does your B2B business use social media to reach its clients? Share your success stories with us!


[*Source: Findings are based on data from 3,128 B2B HubSpot customers that generated traffic and leads from social media in 2011, collected via the HubSpot system]
jill Manser