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Internet Changes News Media

News Media – The Internet Changes Everything

Some good points of the article:

  • The key for news media to move forward economically is to focus on an integrated digital strategy.
  • News media should make publishing faster and better.
  • Journalists need to be able to write a story for print, upload a Web version, tweet it, and manage online interaction with readers.
  • Create new revenue streams:
  • News media can offer advertisers a report of what pages viewers have looked.
  • News media could use electronic subscription to server different customers and provide advertisers with greater insight into viewer profiles and reading habits.

Something to improve:

  • Care more about mobile apps. (Make mobile apps easy to use. Give readers better reading experience.)
  • Combine printing with online resources. (Use QR Code to provide readers richer content about the story they read.)
  • Customize news for different readers. (Provide reader the news they love.Use location to differentiate news.)
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