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Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Utilizes Social Media to Boost Ticket Sales

The article, “ISO Uses Social Media to Drive Increased Ticket Sales” by an anonymous author describes how the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, the largest performing arts organization in Indiana, has recently begun to utilize the services of ExactTarget, a provider of interactive marketing, to boost ticket sales as well as develop new customers.

ISO uses online services such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, the ISO blog, Foursquare, YouTube, e-mail and text messaging marketing, and applications for iPhone and Android. According to the Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Mark Newman, these efforts have allowed ISO to reach beyond its traditional audience to sell additional tickets which ultimately has increased the company’s profits.

The company’s social media encourages users to communicate with each other, steam music, and purchase tickets. ISO is a prime example of a company taking full advantage of the benefits of social media to attract new customers and boost their bottom line.

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