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The Importance of Video Content on Social Media

The Importance of Video Content on Social Media
Example of Target’s Branded Video Marketing on Facebook

Video content marketing is the process of posting and sharing videos on social media platforms for promoting a particular brand. Generally, most of the videos are shared on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It is a powerful social media marketing strategy for a brand to convey its message, which is easily accessible to a larger audience. 

One of the best parts of social media marketing is that it is an easy and effective promotion method. You can share videos in the form of webinars, live videos, testimonial videos, brand awareness videos. The social media platform is a free platform where every business owner can post videos without video editing skills.

Just like you, many business owners are trying to advertise their brand in the market. Providing stills may not be as effective as video content since video content helps grab social media attention more than photo content. There is a lot of photo content out there, and millions of people are running ads. A customer comes across plenty of photo content that skims through your brain, whereas video content holds the customer’s attention five times more than stills. 

The first few seconds are essential for any video content to grab the attention of the prospects. You need to prevent them from scrolling down their newsfeed. Ensure that your audience is engaged in your video content for about 2 seconds. It means that you have just a few seconds to draw attention. This is a common marketing strategy that many people use. 

You can include magnetic elements in the video content to draw the attention of the customers. This is done by including the brand identity and engaging the users with the most engaging video content. The video thumbnail is also an essential part of clicking the play button of the video. The thumbnail says about the topic of the video content. 

Many advertisers believe that making good video content is enough, but in the real world, creating good content is not enough to grab attention because other video ads are running simultaneously. So you need to create a compelling reason for viewing your video content. 

Videos Provide A Positive ROI

The profit that you realize from your video varies on several things. The way you have composed the video and the standard of the videos matters a lot. You may think that video making is a time-consuming job, and it requires a lot of investment. But there are free video editors that can help you create quality content within a limited budget.

Everyone cannot manage to buy an expensive video recorder. However, many video applications make your content engaging and help to explain your video with attractive video thumbnails at a much lower cost. When you spend less on making your video, you will enjoy a positive ROI.

Six Benefits of Video Marketing 

1. Help To Build Trust Among Audience

Making a different impression in the market is a difficult task to accomplish. It is advantageous at times when you can win the trust of the customers. Videos enable brands to express their features, benefits, brand vision, and value to the customers. It gives you the chance to win the customers’ belief and make the brand as genuine as possible.

2. You Can Gain Valuable Data About Customer Choice

A video is a powerful tool for gaining data insights. This is because when viewers watch a video, even for a few seconds, you can gather information about their choice, preference, likes, and dislikes. Those viewers who have seen the entire video can be potential prospects and while others who have left watching the video can become potential leads for your business. 

3. Use of Social Media for Business 

After watching a wide range of videos, you’ll notice that businesses are using different types of video content. Among several types of videos, the most effective video form used in a marketing plan is live videos, testimonials videos, and brand awareness videos.  

4. Brand Awareness Videos 

You can find such videos widely on various social media platforms and the brand’s official websites. To make the brand videos effective, it is essential to express the brand’s motive to connect to the user directly, which grabs the audience’s attention.  

5. Testimonials Videos

Customer reviews influence the decision of a potential buyer. It has the ability to change the purchase decision of the customer. This is because genuine customers do customer reviews, and thus it determines the trustworthiness of the product. Therefore, testimonial videos can turn leads into potential buyers.

6. Live Videos 

When live videos are used correctly, it can help the business to increase loyalty among the targeted audience. You can stream live videos on Facebook, Instagram where you will get millions of customers viewing your live content. 

Four Tips for Making Engaging Videos  

1. Making a Plan 

A marketing campaign is always made of a plan. Your plan should include SMART objectives (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely). Otherwise, you will not be able to know what works. Making a detailed plan can provide good outcomes.

2. Draw the Attention 

The video content needs to target the customer’s issue. It should provide valuable information so that viewers will not tend to switch to other videos. According to a survey, half of the viewers switch to other video content within two to three seconds, so the first few seconds are pretty essential to draw attention. 

3. Convey a Specific Brand Message 

It is easy to include creativeness in your content. However, the video content should be able to explain its message clearly to the audience. The brand motive needs to be straightforward and should be able to produce excellent leads.

4. Using Impactful Captions

Many individuals view video content on their smartphones while traveling on buses, trains, and working. Watching the video while keeping the sound on is not always safe since they can encounter an accident while traveling outside. So offering meaningful subtitles allows your audience to enjoy the content without even hearing the sound.


So, now you know why you should make videos and post them on social media. Start making and sharing them if you have not already, and let your brand reach the sky!