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Hyatt Uses Facebook Messenger For Customer Service

Consumers will appreciate the convenience of instant messaging a brand

Hyatt Tapping Facebook Messenger to Strengthen Customer Service

Hyatt Hotels is one of the first brands to start using it. The international hotel chain now employs of a team of 60 across three global locations to help guests with their customer service needs via various social channels, including Messenger. Besides real-time conversations with its customers, Hyatt is looking to securely share transaction receipts and booking details via Messenger in the future.

As more hotel brands roll out mobile concierge platforms, consumers increasingly expect to interact with them for all requests via their smartphones, making this an ideal move for Hyatt.
Hyatt Uses Facebook Messenger For Customer Service
Facebook’s efforts to build Messenger as a standalone social platform, with its own features and capabilities separate from its social network have been a success. It doesn’t hurt that Facebook gave its billion users essentially no choice but to download the app. According to Facebook’s last quarterly report in June, more than 700 million people currently use Messenger each month. It is no wonder then that brands are looking to find a large portion of their audiences on the channel.

“We have launched this service today with Hyatt, which is the first of our customers to go live with Facebook Messenger for customer care,” said Paul Johns, chief marketing officer of Conversocial, New York.

“What I can say is that ‘in the moment’ service is a critical component of the Hyatt guest experience,” Mr. Johns said. “It allows guests to have a positive experience as they are engaging with Hyatt on mobile and throughout their customer journey.

[Source: Luxury Daily]

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