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How Twitter Helps Business – Starbucks Coffee

With the changes of economic environment and the development of technology, it become essential and very feasible for social media like Twitter to effectively increase brand awareness and market share. Twitter is one of the most powerful branding tool and advertising tool for business. The article is about Starbucks which employ twitter as one of its advertising campaign to increase sales.

Like the article said, ” Starbucks says it thinks its campaign will be helped by….and 183,000 followers on Twitter. ” With so many followers on Twitter, Starbucks would advertise customers with low cost through Internet. Twitter also helps maintaining relationship between Starbucks and customers because they could communicate one on one instantly. This can be incredible beneficial for both Starbucks getting feedback from customers and customers knowing promotions, awards, sales about Starbucks.

Even though the article said Starbucks would lose profit because it advertised a coffee giveaway on President Election Day, Starbucks would give out one free coffee for people just send a tweet or two on Saturday. The rate for people mentioning Starbucks on Twitter increased rapidly. People paid attention to Starbucks Twitter every eight seconds by Tuesday.

Despite giving out free coffee on election day, the significant importance of Twitter could not be denied. Increasing importance of social media and employing Twitter could be a beneficial marketing strategy.

Editorial Staff