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How to optimize in the new world of mobile and tablet devices

[Search Engine Watch, Oct. 20, 2011]
As mobile technology begins to truly dictate website design, content and management, site mobile optimization will become key – particularly in a sea of Internet noise and, now especially, buzzing ringtones. Thankfully, as technology shrinks, so can your website, thanks to these tips from Guillaume Bouchard at Search Engine Watch.
The Internet can now be accessed anytime, anywhere, on a multitude of mobile devices, with tablets and phones leading the pack. So don’t rack up time in a consumer’s mobile experience by waiting for a page to load. Make your content more streamlined and your site design more clear-cut. And don’t forget to use SEO (now specifically geared for mobile, with Google AdWords’ new capabilities)! Use two URLs for your site, one for mobile and one for computer experience.
To make your mobile site more friendly, follow these three tips:
1. Know The Basics
CSS, HTML, keywords, tags, metadata, fonts, images
2. Consider Design Options like Google Transcode and Mobile Subdomain
Google Transcode may do all the heavy lifting in duplicating your computer HTML to mobile HTML, but it also doesn’t unify the experience.
By making a mobile subdomain, you can utilize mobile optimization and indexing.
3. Be Wary of the Mobile Preview
Use W3C Mobile to prevent any glitches on your mobile site.
Why is this news worthy?
The rise of the tablet industry will create an even bigger shift and focus towards mobile site optimization. With consumers having less and less free time, even more of your customers will be engaging with your web presence from mobile technology. And with slow load times, your mobile site may cost you more customers than you think!
As more consumers begin to use the tablet, your site better be tablet-friendly. Search Engine Watch also lists 10 tips to maximize your site’s tablet capabilities to help you prepare for the tablet revolution. Optimize before your competitor does!