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How Social Media Benefits Search Engine Marketing

Social content (blog, video, images, audio) that can’t be found by a search engine are a lost opportunity to reach your customers.
An example of this is Wells Fargo’s blog StudentLoanDown. It identifies 29 keywords in its keyword meta tag. However, only 26 of them rank in Google’s first page. Those that do rank, are variations of the blog’s name. Moreover, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and YouTube, are typically all on the first page of search results.
Why is this news worthy?
Social interactions and media sharing amongst social network participants create the kind of content that can improve a brand’s visibility within search results through profiles, videos, blog posts, or other media.
Social networking sites are also a great place to establish relationships with consumers and build a strong community.
Incorporating #keywords into Tweets or Facebook posts helps that Tweet/Like get pulled into a results page by the search engines. On Facebook, you have more room to target keywords in the title or content of your post.
Are you tweeting enough to get your site noticed?