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How Marketers can Reach the Women

This week Advertising Age published a white paper on women and technology, the result of a partnership with JWT. Research conducted for the report found that one in five American women uses a smartphone when shopping, primarily to connect with her social circle. Women predominantly seek out opinions from friends and family, much more so than men: 73% call family or friends to get their opinions (vs. 59% for men), and 40% take photos of products and solicit responses through e-mail or social networks (32% for men).

Brands need to find ways to help customers tap into the social graph at the point of purchase, when women seek trusted recommendations. They can also create messages that will drive women to share, and they should leverage social networks to spread the word about exclusive merchandise and sales.

Why is this news worthy?

  • Women spend about $5 trillion, or half of the nation’s GDP, every year.
  • Women talk more and text more than men every month, 28% and 14%, respectively.
  • Women use social features of their mobile devices like SMS, MMS and social networking more when compared with men.
  • Their approach to technology is much more practical.

For Marketers

  • Use tech solutions to mimic, amplify, augment or simplify existing behaviors
  • Fully leverage the social nature of women
  • Create experiences designed for simultaneous consumption and engagement
  • Master mobile compatibility, commerce, messaging and location-cased everything