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How Google+ Is Encircling Your Brand

[MediaPost, 2/17/12]

Although it’s no Facebook, Google+ is emerging as a great way for brands to connect directly with consumers.

In the last month alone, Google+ fans — i.e., the number of users in “circles” — of the world’s top 100 brands grew from 222,000 to 3,100,000. The relative explosion — recorded by digital marketing platform provider BrightEdge — represented a 1,400% increase for Google+.

Which brands are making out best? According to BrightEdge, the growth is being driven largely by 10 brands that have established a powerful presence on Google+. The “G+ Ten” account for more than 3 million of the 3.1 million followers and bring more than 10 times as many followers as brands in the rest of the top 100.

Top 10 Brands:

  • H&M now holds the No. 1 slot with 462,000 followers
  • Coca-Cola has 336,000 followers
  • Pepsi with 350,000 followers
  • Samsung with 372,000 followers
  • Starbucks with 335,00 followers
  • Sony with 258,000 followers
  • Intel with 258,000 followers
  • eBay has 253,000 followers
  • Google has 193,000 followers
  • Amazon with 184,000 followers

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Mary Shaw