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How Consumers Are Using Smartphones

Here are some interesting facts and figures about consumers’ usage on mobile devices. As the stats below show, companies need to make sure they have a mobile-optimized website and a social media presence to reach today’s consumers.

With the ever increasing use of mobile devices retailers can optimize mobile banner ads, sponsored stories and video to reach their target market.

A recent survey conducted by Prosper Mobile Insights revealed the following about how mobile users view advertising:

  • 11.2% say they regularly pay attention to sponsored stories or links
  • 10.0% view ads that play before/during a video
  • 8.8% view more video ads in general

Advertisers should be careful when evaluating the amount of time a consumer spends on a mobile ad and why video ads
 get more attention:

  • 51.3%
 More likely to grab attention
  • 34.5% 
More enjoyable than standard ads
  • 30.4%
 Not able to click away without watching a part of it
  • 25.2%
 Content is more relevant
  • 23.1%
 Similar to enjoyable ads on TV
  • 21.9% Have to watch to find out what is advertised

[Source: Prosper Mobile Insights]

Mobile is here to stay, and your consumers are using it virtually every day of their lives. Is your website mobile-friendly?

Mary Shaw