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How Brands Celebrate Social Media Milestones

Social Media Milestones Are Important to Brands & Consumers

In a unique way, Old Navy thanks their 5 Million fans with a larger than life video post on their Facebook page. It is a huge 120 x 60-foot coupon, shot from the sky with several people, props, text and a bar-code made of 88 placards. The bar code is entirely scannable and will get fans 30 percent off their entire purchase at Old Navy stores.
Old Navy Celebrates 5 Million Fans
While a Facebook page is easily created within few minutes, creating a community, getting noticed and gathering likes requires a lot of time, effort, and compelling content. When a fan base milestone is reached a simple “Thank you” message can be enough to show your brand’s appreciation. Here are some examples of how brands are showing their appreciation using video:

Beer company Corona passed 1 million Facebook fans in March of 2012. To thank them all, Corona created a big stunt that involved 30,000 bottle caps, 12 hours of work, and a six-pack of Corona Extra.

Adidas joined Facebook in March of 2008 with zero fans. Four years and 2 months later the Adidas Originals Facebook page has 10 million fans. To celebrate this milestone Sid Lee created an interactive video mosaic for Adidas to thank the people who are part of the Adidas Originals community. Adidas message: “This time it’s about the fans, not the celebrities. Therefore the video is built up with the fans’ profile pictures and changes in real time to include the most active fans.”

American apparel maker Tommy Hilfiger reached 2 million fans on Facebook at the end of 2011. American fashion designer and founder of the premium lifestyle brand Thomas Jacob Hilfiger himself thanked all the fans for their support in a 48 second thank you video on YouTube.

Has your Facebook brand page reached any milestones? How did you celebrate?

Mary Shaw