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How AMEX Created a Successful Facebook Campaign

[MarketingProfs, 1/25/12]

Marketers place much emphasis on the Facebook “Like” these days. More often than not, those resources suggest running contests and giveaways to motivate that kind of click behavior.

The truth is, Facebook contests work—but they can also work harder. They can do more than attract fans or motivate them to interact on your page. They can support broader marketing objectives as part of the mix.

American Express’s Israel division gave it a go… and, sure, its contest resulted in more fans and a 500% increase in fan activity on the company’s page. But it also produced deeper brand engagement, customer insight, cross-channel engagement, and other advantages that will continue to inform and assist the company’s marketing initiatives beyond Facebook and well beyond the Like. Since April 2011, when the program launched, the fan count on the American Express Israel Facebook page has increased 36% and the fan activity rate is five times higher, according to Batat.

What do you think about how Amex used Facebook to increase brand engagement? Let us know what your thoughts.

Mary Shaw