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HIGH FIVE: Using Photos Effectively in Social Media

We spend much of our days always on the lookout for inspiration. So, we’ve created this standing feature to give out a High Five to our top 5 favorite “whatevers”.

This week: Five Brands Using Photos Well in Social Media

It’s often the case that when marketers think of content, they think of words. Content must be valuable after all—we’re trying to educate, enlighten or inform, so we must have to talk about it. If that’s been your take on content, then think again. Pictures are content too. And putting imagery into your content mix can be an ideal way to connect with your customers, build your brand affinity and position yourself within the marketplace. Take a look at how some brands are embracing visual channels.


Ben & Jerry’s

A random idea, called Fan Foto Friday turned into a well-received effort to engage consumers and promote interaction with the brand. They raved, “Our best ideas and some of our best photos have come from our fans.” While they had no idea how any of the emerging channels were going to work for them, Ben & Jerry’s recognized that it was important to test the channels, listen to its customers and see what picked up traction along the way.

Ben and Jerry's


Coke has been around for over a century and fully recognizes how their fans have played a part in the brand they are today. Check out their Facebook page dedicated to the stories of their fans told visually through photos. This visual storytelling is a prime example of how photos can be used to engage with customers and come full circle in acknowledging their role in your brand.

Coco-cola Ad


More than just a marker, Sharpie tunes in to the artists inside everyone with their Start With Sharpie Challenge on their Facebook page. Fans submitted their artistic creations and the Sharpie took that visual content, turned it into a music video, then debuted it on the MTV Video Music Awards. Interacting with Fans, promoting your product and integrating it into your overall presence on national TV — yeah, Sharpie is a great example of leveraging photo content.



Who doesn’t love seeing stylish babies and fashionable tykes? In fact, every parent loves to snap photos of their kids and share them. Gap zeroed in on this idea with the creation of their Fan Photo Album for GapKids. The average comment is “OMG…so cute!” That’s a whole lot of good karma going on for the Gap brand.


DoubleTree By Hilton

When in Rome… send a photo. At least that’s what DoubleTree encourages its fans to do. They created a Pinterest board and encourage their customers to post their vacation photos. Fans on their Facebook page and those visiting Pinterest all see the photos and can be inspired. Connecting great vacation experiences with the DoubleTree brand can go a long way toward forging brand affinity for future travels.

Double Tree

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