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HIGH FIVE: Top Tumblr Blogs

We spend much of our days always on the lookout for inspiration. Who’s creating amazing content? Who’s stepping foot into the uncharted strategic territory? What company is taking a new approach to social marketing? Whatever may be on our minds at the moment, we feel pretty strongly that we should be on the pulse of it. So, we’ve created this standing feature to give out a High Five to our top 5 favorites, “whatever.”

Five Tumblr Brands Worth Watching

Content and branding make the ultimate mashup. Here we shine the spotlight on five Tumblr blogs that seem to know their way around content just fine.

Banana Republic

This fashion retailer understands its audience and has figured out how Tumblr is the perfect place to elevate content to the next level. Providing extended insight into all things Banana, this site feeds their customers’ need for more of what they already love about the store.

Top Tumblr Blogs Banana Republic


We love this blog because it takes the in-store experience and ties it seamlessly with the blog experience. We see step-by-step makeup application tutorials, inspirational photos and get the skinny on the latest products. It’s a great example of cross-channel integration.

Sephora Example Cross-Channel Integration

Vanity Fair

Tumblr is the perfect channel if you have snappy content and compelling photos. Better yet, it’s the perfect place to roll out new products or content. That’s why it seems to be such a perfect fit for magazines like Vanity Fair.

Top Tumblr Blogs Vanity Fair


Just a single commute tuned in to NPR, and you already feel smarter. Now take all that amazing content and put it in easy-to-digest daily chunks, and it’s almost addicting.

Top Tumblr Blogs NPR


We all would like to pop on over to the Smithsonian on a whim, but if you’re not in the neighborhood, try following them on Tumblr. You’ll be fascinated by their “tidbits of knowledge from our museums, research center, and beyond.” There’s something about this blog’s tone that feels like you’re wandering their hallways with a fun friend.

Top Tumblr Blogs Smithsonian

jill Manser