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HIGH FIVE: Top Pinterest Brand Boards

We spend much of our days always on the lookout for inspiration. Who’s creating amazing content? Who’s stepping foot into uncharted strategic territory? What company is taking a new approach to social marketing? Whatever may be on our minds at the moment, we feel pretty strongly that we should be on the pulse of it. So, we’ve created this standing feature to give out a High Five to our top 5 favorite “whatevers”.


This week: Five Perfect Pinnable Pinterest Presences

Pinterest Each of these brands is doing a mighty fine job of putting the power of Pinterest to good use. We know there are a bazillion boards outs there, and these are just a smattering. Share with us those brand Pinterest boards that you think are worthy of note.



It’s not just about the clothes and accessories that you can buy at PacSun, it’s the state of mind for all things California. Their 30 boards showcase plenty of product, but also pay adequate homage to the cuisine, music, art, culture, festivals and locales that make the PacSun lifestyle so appealing.


Pinterest Boards

Hobby Lobby

Do-it-Yourselfers are in heaven on Pinterest. Hobby Lobby has done well to capitalize on their ability to feed the need for crafts at any given moment or season via their 45 boards.



Southwest Airlines

Oh, the places you’ll go!Southwest shares its trademark “love” with everything from destinations, pics of their fleet, in-flight crafts, travel tips, on-the-go fashions, inspirational quotes for your journey and a few candid shots from their Make-A-Wish partnership moments.


Southwest Pinterest

Whole Foods Market

Take the Whole Foods experience and then translate it into pictures. That’s what they’ve done with their Pinterest page. They cover what you’d expect: healthy food, recipes, gardening, etc. But they also appeal to the healthy lifestyle that we all like to aspire when we walk their aisles. Think Recycling tips, entertaining ideas, food art, vegan recipes, gift ideas and more.


Whole Foods Pinterest

Southern Living Magazine

One look at Southern Living’s 71 boards and you’ll want to book the next flight to a southern clime. It appears that they really know how to entertain, decorate, throw a party, grow a garden, give a gift, deep fry, and tailgate, just to mention a few things. Of course, a magazine has oodles of content to share, but this mag still offers up a fine example of curating all the visual parts of the puzzle for easy consumption.

Southern Living Pinterest

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