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HIGH FIVE: Facebook Campaigns of Note

We spend much of our days always on the lookout for inspiration. Who’s creating amazing content? Who’s stepping foot into uncharted strategic territory? What company is taking a new approach to social marketing? Whatever may be on our minds at the moment, we feel pretty strongly that we should be on the pulse of it. So, we’ve created this standing feature to give out a High Five to Customer Insight Group’s top 5 favorite “whatevers”.

This week: Five Awesome Facebook Campaigns

Each of these Facebook campaigns earned kudos from us for their engagement, strategy or social prowess. What do you think?

Redbox – Mother’s Day

Red Box Rewards

When you take a holiday that’s dedicated just to moms and turn it into something everyone gets to engage in, well that’s deemed a success in our book. Redbox did mom proud when they invited users to send an e-card to their Friends, who then visited the Redbox Facebook page and had to LIKE Redbox in order to redeem a coupon code for a free movie rental to be used exclusively on Mother’s Day. Redbox experienced a big boost in audience numbers during the course of the campaign, seeing increases of new Fans per day at a 383% higher rate than baseline.

Kohl’s –Kohl’s Cares
Screen-Shot-2012-08-21-at-12.23.19-PM-300x117 Cause marketing and social media often make great partners. Kohl’s and its Kohl’s Cares program consistently uses their Facebook presence to generate engagement with its Facebook community, encouraging user-generated content. Although Kohl’s committed to a specific donation amount regardless of participation, the Facebook component successfully spread the word and earned the company 1.6 million new Facebook fans in six weeks.


Timberland – Hortiscope

Timberland What kind of tree are you? Who could resist that simple, fun little quiz posted on Timberland’s Facebook page? It instantly engages fans, promotes Timberland’s dedication to the environment and plants a tree in Haiti on your behalf when you publish your result on your wall. (I was a Benzoliv Tree.) Readers are encouraged to invite their friends and tweet about their result as well. We love this campaign for its support of the company’s positioning and branding and the engagement factor.


IKEA BYOF IKEA’s Bring Your Own Friends campaign earlier this year did a beautiful job of rewarding their loyal customers with a day of perks and giveaways when they registered for the national in-store event on IKEA’s Facebook page. IKEA added a donation of $1 for every friend invited, up to $50,000 to Save the Children. This worked beautifully to tie in the social media element to drive in-store traffic, reward loyalty and support IKEA’s cause marketing efforts. Brilliant.


Virgin Airlines – First Times

First Times Virgin
Considering this hip airlines’ moniker, this campaign couldn’t be a more perfect fit. Virgin Airlines features a First Times app on its Facebook page that explores your Facebook firsts with friends and presents them back to you in a photo montage ready for sharing. Engagement? Check. Branding? Check.

These are just five examples out of millions of great campaigns out there. What Facebook campaign have you seen recently that is worthy of a little applause? Share your thoughts with us!

jill Manser