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HIGH FIVE: Egg-Nog Worthy Holiday Campaigns

We spend much of our days always on the lookout for inspiration. Who’s creating amazing content? Who’s stepping foot into uncharted strategic territory? What company is taking a new approach to social marketing? Whatever may be on our minds at the moment, we feel pretty strongly that we should be on the pulse of it. So, we’ve created this standing feature to give out a High Five to our top 5 favorite “whatevers”.


This week: Five Eggnog-Worthy Social Holiday Campaigns

Not all holiday campaign are created equal, as is proven by these 2012 standouts.



It’s a no-brainer to turn to this perennial favorite for something extra special, and they delivered this year just as sure as Santa. Coke’s official 2012 holiday song, Something in the Air plays while Santa delivers a gift for those who don’t believe.



For the second year, WalMart is carrying out its 12 Days of Giving campaign, where it makes donations to a variety of nonprofits that benefit children, veterans, hometown heroes, seniors, disaster victims and more. The campaign spreads from Facebook and their website to in-store signage and email. This is a great example of using the power of social media to do good, and that’s what Christmas is all about, after all.

Walmart Egg-Nog Worthy Holiday Campaigns


Best Buy

Their Gifts That Do campaign taps into the innermost worry in all of us that we won’t get our loved ones the right gift. With a constant stream of chats with tech experts, videos on YouTube and gift ideas for everybody on your list, Best Buy shifts the odds at Christmas morning victory in your favor.

Chip Chick Egg-Nog Worthy Holiday Campaigns



It wouldn’t be the holidays without a free giveaway and Target delivers with their Dream Big Sweepstakes featured on Facebook. It engages fans throughout the month as it counts down to Christmas and has giveways every single day. How’s that for a little holiday spirit!

Target Egg-Nog Worthy Holiday Campaigns



Delivering Santa’s goodies is serious business, but it’s nice to see one of the delivery giants have a little fun with it all. Fedex’s TV spots featured on YouTube made us chuckle and feel just a little less stressed… for a few minutes.



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