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Hearsay Social New Tech help manage companies with many branches

New technology to manage social media for companies with many branches

Forbes July 28th

Hearsay Social provides a new technology that helps “global/ local” companies with many local branches handle their social media in different locations. The new software made it possible for national managers to assign contents to local social media managers.

This new software enables managers to:

  • Put all posts of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter together and schedule them for local managers to easily launch.
  • Monitor content to avoid some certain words in Facebook and Twitter posts.
  • Provide the analysis of the whole campaign among various offices
  • New dashboard can help customize the regional management roles.

Why this news worthy?

The biggest advantage of this product is saving time and enabling social media management work easier for companies with many branches.

In my opinion, that is a really innovation and a successful “blue ocean” strategy in this social media booming era. With increasingly localized and customized needs for business, this technology will demonstrate its convenience in coordinating companies with many branches. Also, it is easier to collect information of various demographic patterns. It inspires future thinking about product innovation that might rely on those existed popular social media, like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin: Whether it is possible to develop more service for companies that frequently use social media websites.