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Have You Been “Checking-In” Recently?

Have you “checked-in” yet today? Are you the mayor of your favorite store, restaurant or building on campus? If you could win gift cards, free movies, tickets to the big game and tons of free tips from your favorite companies would you be more inclined to “check-in?”

Walgreens, Redbox, ESPN and Pepsi are just four of the numerous companies and brands that are utilizing the Foursquare app to connect with the over 10 million registered users everyday.

Walgreens and Redbox have partnered with Foursquare offering their fans the ability to “check-in” at store locations while being entered to win gift cards and free movies. ESPN has also formed a partnership with Foursquare to better connect to their fans and followers. Avid sports fans can unlock the ESPN badge by “checking-in” at three different stadiums. It has you wondering if you really are a sports enthusiast. Earning these badges can give you insight, deals and tips from the companies and brands that you follow. This past summer, Pepsi unlocked the fun with the Pepsi Summer Fun Badge. Earning this badge entered users to win numerous high-value items including $500 gift cards and tickets to the MLB World Series Games.

Big name companies are not the only ones who are taking advantage of the perks that location-based social media offers. Smaller companies are also using them to build brand awareness and build strong relationships with their fans and followers. Connecting with fans and followers through the use of social media has been crucial to the success of both Foursquare and the companies that use it.